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Surrey, BC V3V 4B7

About Fatma

The timeless art of mehendi is a gift of beauty, touch, and trust. Whatever the occasion: wedding, engagement, baby shower, ladies party, festivals and fairs, or corporate events – mehendi artistry by Fatma mehendi art is sure to impress.As an artistic child, Fatma had keen interest in craft, sketching, hairstyling, make-up and mehendi. She spent hours perfecting her art of mehendi, hair and make-up on her relatives, friends and neighbors, but never really thought her passion would become her profession. After completing one year of Law she got married. With her husband’s encouragement, Fatma pursued her passion and received her Certificate in Esthetics and Hairdressing. With 18 years of experience and knowledge of Skin Care and Hairdressing from Bombay School it was very easy to upgrade her studies in Canada as well. After coming to Canada in 2003, Fatma started her job as an esthetician and hairdresser. But didn’t have much time to explore her mehendi talent. But soon after upgrading her studies in hair and skincare, she started her career as a full time mehendi artist and it didn’t took any longer to spread her name and fame. “Fatma Mehendi Art” became a well known name in Mehendi industry. Her clientele are not only Vancouver based, but they are from Seattle, Squamish, Vancouver Island, Calgary, England, Edmonton, Toronto and many more other cities.

Opening her own Salon in Canada was her dream which came true on August 27 2008. The door of “Fatma’s Mehendi, Hair & Skin Care Salon” was open. This Full Service Salon provides various services that fulfill all your beauty needs. Besides providing Mehendi, Hair and Make-up for brides and all other occasions the services includes eyebrow shaping, waxing, manicure, pedicure, Facials, Body massage, wraps, Haircuts, Color, Permanent straitening and much more. Fatma’s Philosophy embraces consistency, attention to details and incomparable customer services. Her interest and joy in doing things shows in her work whatever it may be whether it’s her facials, mehendi or any other treatments. It’s her work that speaks for her.

Fatma balances the busy wedding seasons, her salon, and her family of three boys and husband with immense talent. “Being a mom, wife and a business woman, sometimes it becomes very challenging and difficult to handle and manage all things at the same time, but I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family who understands and supports me all the time.” “I love what I do, and my motto is to make my clients happy and fully satisfied with my work”. “I am first of all thankful to God for showering me his blessing and giving me name, fame and success. Then I thank my husband who has done so much to make me a successful business woman, and my kids for being such a wonderful, supportive, and understanding.” ” And the most important all my clients good wishes compliments and their love and faith in my work.” I also thank all my vendor friends and clients for their continuous recommendations and referrals.


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