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Good Henna designing alone is not enough. But the most important is the end result and that is the color of the henna. “The darker the henna gets on bride’s hand the more her husband’s love will be for her” is the old saying. So a bride does every possible thing to make her henna get darker.

But Fatma Mehendi Art is the name you can trust. Her clients are not only amazed by her unique and intricate designs but are fully relied and trust her henna quality. As a hobby when she started taking interest in henna designing, she spent lot of time not only getting better in designing but also experimenting on the recipe for best color results too. She tried various recipes, and finally she found the one which was the best. The color also depends on the body temperature, the warmer it is the darker the color and vise-e-versa. So she mixes special mix for such body temperature where you can get a good result.

The “Prior” and “After Mehendi Care” instruction by Fatma and her secret recipe ensures you that you will definitely get the best color result.


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